Flywheel #nevercoast

One day I was browsing Flywheel’s website. I saw the list of locations: New York, Chicago, Florida…I thought, “There is no reason why Philadelphia can’t join these cities.” Knowing Flywheel was in the midst of a rapid expansion across the country, I reached out to the owner about coming to Philly because I wanted to “bring sexy” to my city. I submitted sites to him, and though I had to initially twist his arm for even a visit to Philly, once he saw the opportunities, he decided he wanted TWO locations here: Center City and Bryn Mawr.

Now Flywheel Philly is booming and in such high demand, it’s sometimes impossible to get a seat in class! What I love about Flywheel is that I can go with my friends—it’s a great workout, but it is also has a great social element (as opposed to using an elliptical in my empty apartment gym). I go with my friends, my parents, boyfriend, coworkers, or whomever! It’s a great escape—like a dance party and a workout all in one. Every Saturday morning, my friends and I go to a class together and then out to brunch. It makes working out something to look forward to.

Not only is it fun, but the technology is absolutely incredible. You can track your progress per ride with your online account to monitor your performance during or after class! Other studios you leave without proof of whether or not you challenged yourself…Flywheel’s unique TorqBoard system provides a competitive aspect, allowing you to race against other riders in the class.

The instructors are so fun, and so friendly—they take song requests for new playlists, encourage you to get to know them, and make an effort to remember you beyond the 45–60 minute class.

I also love that I can travel to NYC, Boston, Chicago, or even vacation in the Hamptons and I can still get my Flywheel fix. I take pride in going to the Flywheel website and seeing their two Philly locations listed, and I can’t wait to see where they go from here!


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