Passion for Fashion

fash·ion (noun): the make or form of something

If I had to guess, the word fashion became a part of my vocabulary around the age of 13 and I haven’t looked back since (maybe because, looking back, what the hell was I thinking!?). To me, fashion is not a static noun meaning what you wear; it is an action and a means of expressing yourself.

I love reading fashion blogs to hear about new trends and up and coming shops in the area, but also I enjoy seeing how the personalities of people are expressed through outfits and designers, stores, and styles. In upcoming blogs, you can catch me giving readers a spring fashion trend or a new store to check out in the city and its surrounding suburbs.

Growing up in a suburb of Philadelphia and spending many weekends in Center City, I quickly became familiar with the orange signs and white globe letters of MSC. I began to realize that many of my personal favorite brands were (and still are) clients of the firm. From boutiques and national brand stores, restaurants to entertainment and everything in between, MSC covers it all. Not only am I fortunate enough to have a career working in retail (a longtime passion of mine), but I also work to make my hometown a haven for delicious restaurants and magnificent boutiques. Doing something you love makes every day that much more enjoyable.

Over the years, Philadelphia has worked its way toward recognition as one of the top cities for shopping and dining in the country. Whether you prefer to spend your time at our malls and shopping centers at a highway’s drive away, or you prefer the walkable street front boutiques and restaurants of Old City (or any other enclave around the city), each prove to be desirable destinations.

I am a firm believer that your sense of style is grounded in the confidence with which you wear it. And in my opinion, those who have the most envied styles are those who are unafraid to take a risk. Although I can’t say that orange is my favorite color, I can say that MSC has a great “sense of style” and has taken a risk to distinguish itself from others in creating a hip, against the curve, and above the trend firm.

This analogy not only goes for the firm as a whole, but I have had the delight of becoming close friends with each member of the MSC family and have enjoyed learning each person’s unique style (despite the many “Who Wore it Best” photos on our Instagram @MSC_Retail ). A diverse group of people creates not only a talented pool, but also a happy and creative work environment. Our firm eats, sleeps and breathes Philadelphia, and we take pride in our knowledge and enjoyment in sharing it with you.




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