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Wahoo's Fish Taco

The Wahoo’s story begins in 1988, when the three Wahoo’s brothers, Wing, Ed and Mingo, combined their love of surf and food to create a restaurant with an eclectic Mexican/Brazilian/Asian menu and a Hawaiian north-shore vibe. They combined the fish taco with their Brazilian favorites and Asian inspired items. The brothers decorated the original restaurant with the donations of near-by surf companies and that’s how Wahoo’s Fish Taco was born. Wahoo’s then quickly developed a loyal and steady following, to where some locals came in daily and servers automatically knew what their customer would order. The Wahoo’s brothers have really lived the American Dream. From a small apartment in Brazil to the success of over 50 Wahoo’s locations, Wing, Ed and Mingo all share a deep appreciation for their blessings and what they have been able to build together.

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