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MSC is a fiercely independent family of individuals that creates unique real estate concepts, strategies, and solutions for the world’s leading retailers, restaurants, hotels, landlords, universities, cities, and developers.

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MSC University

MSC University is rewriting the book on the competitive landscape of the higher-ed space and it starts with the word experiential. The experience component of a campus or university district is critical to attracting, maintaining, and furthering relationships with prospective and existing students, faculty, alumni, investors, and the community. It’s about creating a community and fostering the creation of a unique vibe that is the hallmark of a university’s brand.


Featured Project
1501-1505 Walnut Street

Prominently situated in the heart of Philadelphia’s famed high street, this 30,000 SF multi-floor corner redevelopment will anchor Walnut Street’s already vibrant and thriving retail scene;  a true blank canvas for the aggregation of game changing retail in the epicenter of Philadelphia.

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