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We have a precious, rare and wonderful work family here at MSC Retail. While we have the following specific needs right now, we love hearing from and meeting with interesting individuals that are juuuuust a bit off. So, if you are interested, reach out with your thoughts, regardless of what is described below! Hit us up if you…


Running To

Are Not

Closed Minded
A Clone
A Robot
A Clocker
A Fraid
A Sheep (unless a real one…)
Running From

Retail & Restaurant Guru - MSC University

MSC University is obsessed with planning and transforming college campuses and off-campus mixed-use districts.  If you’ve always wanted to go back to school but can’t because you are a grown up and need to work, let’s get together and talk.  This work takes us all over the country; so you should love traveling, critical thinking and be a quick-study for college mascot trivia.


Retail & Restaurant Guru - Urban

If you are motivated by a compensation structure that rewards effort and success, a commitment to aggressive prospecting and networking, resourceful sales strategies and a “round-the-clock” work mentality, then this might be your big break. Be prepared to come in early, stay late and exceed our high expectations. Interested in an industry that involves a deep, undying love for neighborhoods, communities and iconic retail & restaurant brands? We should grab coffee. We are looking for bright, driven and creative individuals who want to be in a position to contribute meaningfully to MSC Retail.


Retail & Restaurant Guru - Suburban

If you are in interested in suburban shopping trends, regional trade areas and high-volume store roll outs, then you’ve found your niche. You should be a self-starter who thrives in a competitive and entrepreneurial setting with an aptitude for understanding market demographics and a commitment to inventive sales initiatives. Be ready to work crazy hard & put in long hours to surpass our high expectations, while loving what you do and forever being able to use dining and shopping as an excuse for “market research.”


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All knowing master of time and space? Able to travel through time? We can most likely find a fit for you.


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