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Retail Real Estate Brokerage Internship

This MSC Retail, Inc. internship is designed for current undergraduate or graduate students seeking a career in commercial real estate. Participation in the program is intended to provide a well-rounded knowledge of the retail real estate business by working alongside talented professionals in one of pre-eminent retail brokerage companies in the country. Equally as important it’s a valuable introduction to the practical “real world” needed skills in the fast-paced world of retail brokerage. The candidate will be privy to confidential market information and will need to be sufficiently professional to maintain the confidence of such information. Responsibilities will focus primarily on gaining general knowledge about retail real estate and gathering and coordinating market data. The program will include opportunities to undertake information gathering, research and analysis of data to provide relevant advice and information. The candidate will also be updating critical databases needed to furnish important supporting information to company clients. Specific tasks will include the following: (i) updating trade area “competition maps”; (ii) property and owner research and databasing; (iii) database management; (iv) market research; (v) production of site selection “tour books”, offering memorandum and broker’s opinions of value books; (vi) site pictures; (vii) due diligence archiving and review; (viii) limited financial analysis; and (ix) data mining for retail competition.

15-20 hours per week.

About MSC Retail

MSC Retail is the curated aggregation of planners, artists, thinkers, deal-makers, restaurateurs, retail minds, analysts, and a whole lot of other trendsetters who are really good at what they love doing. Since its founding in 1989, MSC Retail has earned its reputation as the nation’s preeminent retail real estate advisory services firm. From re-positioning and revitalizing the retail focus of entire urban neighborhoods, to leasing all categories of suburban centers, to creating and effectuating site strategies for every category of retailer, restaurant and hotel, to master planning and activating college campuses and mixed-use districts, MSC Retail has the creative vision, market knowledge, experience and relationships to add needle-moving value.



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