Biggie Smalls


Meow meow, peeps. I am Biggie Smalls – part man, part Maine Coon. I am notorious for my good looks and slim figure (as you can see). Growing up in one foster home after another, the living hasn’t always been easy, but I now happily live a luxurious life in Philadelphia.


It ain’t easy being a king, but when I am not napping or sneaking into my food bag (I’m bulking mom, chill), I am a professional Netflix watcher and Instagram model. Check meowt: @big_the_mainecoon.


I enjoy baths, putting my paws in shoes, and going on hikes (you know, the kind where you get to see the beautiful scenery but are carried in a backpack by peasants like the king that you are). I am also a pretty big deal in the rap world, so check back soon for my fire mixtape.



I was named after the OG, The Notorious B.I.G.

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