Riley Bock


Hi I’m Riley!
I’m two and a half years old. My interests include going on long walks, dressing in formal attire after 6 PM, and running really really fast.


I usually start the day early so I can help my dad pick out his outfit, afterwards I head outside for a long game of fetch with my mom. I spend the afternoons in the park complimenting beautiful women and sniffing butts. My top priority every day is to spend as much time chewing as possible, I am an exceptional chewer. While chewing my dads slippers are my first choice, I am willing to chew anything that is left of the floor. During the evenings I enjoy begging my humans for belly rubs and treats.

Not Work

The weekends are my absolute favorite because my humans and I are together all day. I love spending time outdoors and with other dogs– I am a huge fan of my backyard. Playing fetch and digging up the landscaping are two of my favorite activities. I also enjoy going on walks through the neighborhood however, I spend most of my time barking at leaves and mailboxes. While my dad is my best friend I am quite the mommas boy, she nicknamed me shadow because I follow her wherever she goes.



I'm a ginger, and proud of it.

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