Bruce Acinapura


I am originally a country boy from Lancaster, PA but you would never know it based off of my skills as a city dog.  When I was only 2 months old, my best bud in the whole world came and picked me up from the farm.  He’s the coolest.  He takes me for long walks in the city, swimming in pools and in the ocean, and saves me a piece or two of bacon when he makes breakfast in the morning.  We were like Batman and Robin until he introduced me to this girl he liked one day.  At first, I was not about her taking his time away from me but after living together for 8 years, I think I might like her more than him…don’t tell.


I am a workhorse. I work for snacks, treats, pets, scratches, belly rubs and bacon. I love bacon. It's hard work, but when your face is your money maker, you have to keep up with your appearance. I may be in my twilight years but I still have the best sad puppy dog face in the biz. Just ask my grandparents, they fall for it every time. I am not just another pretty face in the crowd though, I do know some pretty cool and useful tricks. My parents love when I clean up after myself so they don't have to. They say, "If you take that bone out, make sure you put it back where you found it." I am always happy to oblige.

Not Work

I am a very good boy, I play well with everyone. Adults, kids, babies, other dogs... I am a simple man at heart. A new bone every now and then, a few treats here and there and a head scratch are some of my favorite things.



My full name is Bruce Wayne. AKA The Dark Knight. AKA Batman.

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