Elizabeth "Libby" Cefaly

Retail Guru



After earning my BA from University of Delaware in Sociology with concentrations in Journalism and Advertising, I have always had an interest in consumer behavior and market trends. After graduation, I took the route of Technical Staffing sales, but wanted to combine my entrepreneurial spirit with my personal passion of food, fashion, and city culture. Joining the MSC family has given me the opportunity to dive head first into a new career path, while building business with some of the most valuable connections in my favorite city.


As an associate at MSC, I have partnered with Managing Director, Jacob Cooper, to assist with transactional work, business development, and market research for Center City and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Not Work

Growing up in Northeast, PA, I instantly found a love for travel and city culture, and moved to Philadelphia after graduation. When I’m not in the office, you can usually find me conducting “market research” at any new wine bar, brunch spot, or boutique in Philly with my best friends. Since the age of four, I’ve always been known as a busy body, who can have a conversation with just about anyone. I also enjoy running, spinning, and cooking new things.



I have a weird obsession with pop culture and can spot almost any celebrity.

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