Chris Vericella

Retail Specialist



I spent my college years at the University of Mississippi where I earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting with a minor in insurance and real estate. I then received a masters of professional accountancy from Mississippi State University which brought me back to Chicago to work as a tax and audit associate, specializing in high net worth real estate individuals and partnerships. It didn’t take long for me to realize that a path in accounting was not for me as I craved a more dynamic interpersonal setting. After spending time at a publicly traded REIT, I tried my hand at commercial property management for a prominent Chicago developer. Property Management allowed me to take my financial knowledge of commercial real estate and blend it with the operations of commercial high rises. After deciding to move to Philadelphia, I knew it was the perfect time to make my move into brokerage, allowing me to meld my professional background with my personal passions and interests.


I will be focusing my efforts at MSC in Philadelphia’s urban core where I will work on taking my financial and operational commercial real estate experience and translating it into retail brokerage. I have first hand knowledge of what tenants and landlords are looking for in a successful partnership and hope to bring that to fruition through my work at MSC.


I love traveling with friends and family and my ideal day in a new city is exploring local shops, restaurants and bars in hopes of finding the perfect dirty martini. Along with traveling, I love skiing and hiking, specifically in Colorado. When I need a break from it all, you can find me in the gym or at home cooking and watching anything on Bravo.



I’ve completed 6 half marathons, one of which was in Nashville the morning after I “accidentally” stayed out on Broadway the night before.

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