Kaitlyn Donnelly

Graphic Design Associate



After graduating from the University of Dayton with a degree in Visual Communication Design and minors in Marketing and Psychology, I began a one-year apprenticeship with the graphic designers at the Reebok Intl. Headquarters outside Boston, Mass. where I fell in love with the east coast! However, born and raised in Ohio, I returned home and spent the next 4 years freelancing graphic t-shirt designs and working on in-store and digital marketing for Victoria’s Secret International. Finally, after a recent move to Philadelphia, I get to give the east coast another shot! I have enjoyed every part of working in the retail industry, and am excited to experience a new side of it with MSC Retail.


In collaboration with other designers and professionals, I create marketing and digital material for MSC Retail. This may include brochures, aerial maps, invitations, etc. In addition, I am constantly keeping an eye out for how to put our best face forward as a brand.

Not Work

As a new resident of Philadelphia with a love for traveling, my husband and I are constantly looking for excuses to explore the city and try new places to eat, drink, exercise, whatever! Otherwise, you are more than likely to find me relieving stress on a long run or curling up with a huge bowl of popcorn.



I am known to be accident prone, and most recently broke a rib during the first 5 minutes of a Spartan Race with friends... but (painfully) finished the whole thing anyway!

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