Ryan Evans

Graphic Design Associate



After graduating from The Art Institute of Philadelphia with a degree in web design and interactive media, I came to MSC to channel my passion and creativity in the field of graphic design. Prior to MSC, I worked at Stratus Interactive as a web and graphic design intern creating graphics, designing email blasts, prototyping and designing for WordPress. My goal as a graphic designer is to create designs that are visually expressive and fun, but also grounded in practicality.


As a Graphic Design Associate at MSC, I work with our Senior Graphic Designer and the entire creative team to translate marketing and brand strategies into awesome marketing collateral. My work includes the production of marketing materials such as aerials, digital maps, brochures, email blasts, website updates, press releases and more.

Not Work

To counterbalance the days spent at the computer screen, I enjoy resting my retinas by exploring nature. Whether it's trips to state parks with my girlfriend, or visiting Ithaca's gorges with family and friends, I love to experience the outdoors. I also enjoy creating music, writing and painting…Pretty much anything that keeps my creative juices flowing.



I once sang with a blues band in a BBQ restaurant when I was nine years old.

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