Jackson Pollock



While all the other muts my age were out at their fancy daycares learning obedience and behavioral therapy, I was earning my D.O.G. the old-fashioned way: homeschooling. I believe this gave me a leg up (PUN intended) over my peers, as I was easily given more attention, could learn at my own pace, and had an unlimited supply of beggin’ strips at my disposal. Over the past 5 years I have dabbled in quite a few different career lines, mastering titles of Party Animal, Professional Toy Destroyer, and Wo-Man’s Best Friend. Wanting to pursue my passion for a lifetime of endless fun, I am now a full-time Stay at Home Dog and enjoy spending my days alongside of my fellow K-9 roommate, Lady.


As a Stay at Home Dog, my obligations include a full regiment of eat, play, sleep and repeat. During the evenings and weekends I am accountable for making certain that my Mom and the rest of my family is always smiling. This is the most fulfilling and enjoyable part of my job. I am a great listener, and have an innate ability to know how someone feels without them saying a word. If this whole Stay at Home thing doesn’t work out, I know that I have a future in the circus, since I have never missed a fetch throw in my life.

Not Work

After a ruff day I tend to ruin all the “indestructible” toys my family provides me with. I often dream of all-I-can-eat buffets and I’d rather not eat the food provided for me, as I pride myself on my wider culinary palate. I have a serious snoring problem and contrary to popular belief, all 65 pounds of me, I am a lap dog. I am an ultimate gentlemen as displayed in my wardrobe which consists of bow ties and a quilted coat. Licking is an instinctual behavior of mine, so consider that a fair warning!



The dog formerly known as “Dick”, I thank my mom every day for renaming me!

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