Schatzi Raniszewski


People still often mistake me for a puppy because of my girlish good looks, but don’t be fooled as I am indeed a full grown woman. I may only be just north of 2 years old, but I am a veteran when it comes to melting the hearts of every passerby. My mix of German Shepherd and Beagle (we think) had the same effect on mom and dad, which is the reason they rescued me when I was only 5 weeks old and named me the German word for “sweetheart” or “darling.”


My day-to-day role takes me from neighborhood social chair for all the other pups, to ruling the roost at home where I try to entice my cat brothers into a toy tug-of-war battle with Mr. Giraffe. Dad is an even easier target, as giving him the puppy dog eye will either prompt a several mile run or a snuggle sesh on the couch. I directly report to the President and CEO, Mom, and while I thoroughly enjoy my current role, my dream job would allow me to be a squirrel hunter.

Not Work

In my free time, I follow my parents from room to room as I desire to never be alone. I love traveling in the car, always hoping that each adventure will either end in a hike, a swim or even at the Vet. I know it’s an odd thing to like, but for some reason I am really jazzed when I see my wonderful doctors. As for treats, I have a penchant for snacking on my cat brother’s food when I am unable to find my peanut butter filled kong. I yearn for sleepovers with my best 4-legged friend, Bobbi, as well as a return vacation to Nantucket.



I've dressed as a piglet for the last two Halloweens.

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