Rex Weiss


As a puppy I got very lost and was incredibly fortunate to stumble upon a girl named Mandie.  She seemed cool so I followed her home and it ended up being the best decision I ever made.  Mandie took me in and has been my best friend ever since.  I first lived with Mandie in North Carolina when I was a puppy and I got into tons of trouble.  We have lived a couple places, but now I spend most of my time between Center City Philadelphia and Pottstown, PA.  Mandie met her fiancé Scott 5 years ago and we have been best buds ever since.


At 10 years of age I was diagnosed with cancer. My family did their research and found that radiation therapy was the best option for me. My loving grandmother made sure I got to my treatments, even though it was far away from home and stressful. Thanks to her and my wonderful doctors, I am alive today and loving life in my senior years. I have an amazing personality and an uncanny ability to make everyone happy no matter what's going on. Once I had my DNA tested and I found out that I am mostly American Bulldog, Mastiff and Boxer, but my family tree includes all kinds of dogs...even Papillon!

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I'm a Pit Bull and probably the nicest dog you'll ever meet. We get a bad rap, but I am a lover, not a fighter. I'm a lap dog that loves to cuddle and I've been known to pile up pillows and nose my way under blankets so that I can get extra comfortable. I like to rip toys into a million little pieces and I really like to pull the stuffing out of my favorite toy, Bad Kitty. I might be getting a little gray, but I still know how to play like a puppy.



One time I chewed a hole through a door large enough for me to walk through.

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