Sophie Goldberg


I had a very rough start before my mommy rescued me from the animal shelter, but that’s all in the past. Since then, I’ve become accustomed to the life of a city dog…. I prefer Rittenhouse Square any day! Lunch outside at Parc or Tria, Yogorino tastings, and frequent walks around the square are some of my favorite things. I also love playing with my cousins, Gracie and Georgie.


I am an unconditional love giver 24/7. It’s a full time job being a Princess, but sometimes even a Princess has chores. I try to help take out the trash, but often get distracted by the yummy discoveries like coffee grounds and yogurt cups. I am great at running errands, perched in mommy’s pocketbook dressed in my finest sweater.

Not Work

I pretty much sleep all day…I am a first class napper! It’s a tough life, but I have to rest up for when my mom comes home from work. I love to shop, especially for new toys and clothes. I never turn down the opportunity for a walk, and being the center of attention at home is not even a battle.



I may be small but not even a Newfoundland intimidates me. I like friends of all sizes and my best friends are Goldendoodles.

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