Vincent Stipo

Real Estate & Hospitality Consultant



I started working in the restaurant industry at 15, washing dishes in a small Italian restaurant and was hooked. Over the next several years I spent time cooking, waiting tables and helping teach culinary classes during my time at Boston University. During college, my weekends were filled with butchering ducks, breaking down lobsters, and eating out in the city every chance I got. Out of school, I took my first management position at a French restaurant in the Back Bay of Boston where I was able to be part of a new concept, helping to develop the beverage and service programs. In 2012, I moved to Philadelphia to help open the now nationally acclaimed restaurant Vernick Food & Drink. It was there I was able to truly showcase my talents as a beverage manager, bartender, and service expert. In 2013, I was named “Bartender of the Year” by Eater Philadelphia and made The Daily Meal’s list of “America’s 25 Best Bartenders”.


Hospitality brokerage and consulting allows me to combine my lifelong love of restaurants with my entrepreneurial professional interests. With nearly 15 years of both back and front of house experience, I am able to use relevant real-world experience when dealing with chefs, restaurateurs and developers. From Philadelphia to DC and NYC, my deep network of relationships in the hospitality world helps grow the MSC Hospitality platform and assist food and beverage concepts of all shapes and sizes expand strategically.


I grew up sailing on the Boston Harbor and spent many years teaching and professionally racing small boats. My hobbies and interests align more with someone thirty years my senior: I love a good cigar, a round of golf, single malts and planning leisurely travel (almost exclusively around food) with my lovely girlfriend Chloe. When I’m not working or exploring the world of food, I enjoy spending time with my mother and little sister back in Boston, and my brother David who has joined me here in Philly.



I used to be a professional crew member on a Volvo Ocean 60, racing off the coast of Sydney, Australia.

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