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MSC University

MSC University, a silo of MSC Retail, is a national platform for university retail real estate brokerage and master planning. We’re rewriting the book on the competitive landscape of the higher-ed space and it starts with the word experiential. The experience component of a campus or university district is critical to attracting, maintaining, and furthering relationships with prospective and existing students, faculty, alumni, investors, and the surrounding community. It’s about creating a community and fostering the creation of a unique vibe that is the hallmark of a university’s brand.

It is our belief that the retail and hospitality offerings of the university environment should appropriately reflect and help define the vision of the institution, its constituents, and the environment in which it lives. In short, not every coffee shop is a Starbucks, nor every corner a bank! It takes a rare blend of holistic vision and detailed execution — from crafting overall concepts to addressing intricacies such as vanishing summer and holiday populations of college towns, as well as working cooperatively with institutional food service providers on campus contracts (simply Real Estate 101 for MSC University). From hipster districts to exurb college towns, we curate the end users that activate campuses in a unique and meaningful way.

Sample Menu of Services

Master Planning
Retail Merchandising & Repositioning Plan
Facilities and Portfolio Analysis
Consensus Building and / or Workshop Leadership
Market Analysis
Operations Assessment & Competition Analysis
Place Making Planning Guideline Development
Procurement Planning
Document Development Assistance
End-User Curation & Placement

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Featured Project: Terrapin Row

Situated at the doorstep of The University of Maryland, this new construction mixed-use project features 11,700 SF (divisible) retail space.

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